This course covers rougly the first half of the textbook by Goldbart and Stone, but the material will be adapted to match the preparation of the students, and other topics may be included if the need arises. The goal of the course is to raise the mathematical background of the students to a level needed to successfully complete introductory graduate courses such as Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics and Quantum Mechanics. Generally students with a US undergraduate degree in Physics (or equivalent foreign degree), do not have the necessary mathematical background for the introductory graduate courses, and are strongly recommended to take this course. Class attendance is required, and I will give occasional in-class quizes (not counting toward the final grade) to check the background of the students. Th class will be in person only.

TextBook adn Lecture Notes

The required textook is "Mathematics for Physics: A Guided Tour for Grauate Students" by Paul Goldbart and Mike Stone. Scans of of handwritten lecture notes will be posted on the course website.

Grade Calculation

The course grade will be based on homework, a midterm exam and an oral final exam, according to the formula 10 percent homework, 30 percent midterm and 60 percent final. If students copy homework from webpapge, which I will check, this formula will change.

Class Times and Venue: Mo-Wed-Fr 10.30, Light Engineering 152

Office Hours

12-1.30pm on Wednesdays in the nuclear theory common room or by specific ppointment. Office hours will be either online after a specific appointmenr or in perso Only fully Covid vaccinated students are welcome to the in person office hours.


Homework will be assigned weekly, and should be submitted electronically. Copying homework solutions from the internet is not allowed, but collaboration with fellow students is encouraged.

Masks and Social Distance

We will follow the rules of the University in this regards. At present, masks are required at least until September 7.

Course Website: PHY 503 Website

University Policies

We will comply with University Policies with regards to religious holidays, accessibility, disabilities, academic integrety, etc.. See, the Provost Webpage and University Syllabus statement for details.


Homework Assignements

Lecture Notes

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