Nuclear Physics Seminar, Fall 2015 / Spring 2016

The regular experimental and theoretical nuclear physics seminar take places Thursdays at 4 pm, but we also have frequent lunch seminars at 1 pm.
The venue is the Gerry Brown Room (C133).

Time Speaker Title Host
Sergey Syritsyn December 4 TBA Robert Shrock
Huey-Wen Lin December 2 Frontiers in Lattice Nucleon Structure Robert Shrock
November 30 Yasumichi Aoki TBA Robert Shrock
October 8, 4pm J. Noronha TBA
October 9, 1pm Jacob Sonnenscheim TBA
October 13, 1pm Jacob Sonnenschein TBA
Past Seminars
September 17, 4pm Yukinao Akamatsu Heavy Quarks in the QGP as Open Quantum Systems Edward Shuryak
September 11, 1pm Song Shu Chiral Solitons Edward Shuryak
September 3, 4pm Stanislaw Glazek Asymptotic Freedom of Gluons in the Fock Space Dima Kharzeev
Open Seminar Dates

September 10, 4pm
September 17, 4pm
September 24, 4pm
October 1, 4pm
October 8, 4pm
October 15, 4pm
October 22, 4pm
October 29, 4pm
November 5, 4pm
November 12, 4pm
November 19, 4pm
December 3, 4pm
December 10, 4pm